We are dedicated to providing San Francisco State University and the broader community with a deeper understanding of health and healing from a holistic perspective, which recognizes the interconnection of mental, physical, social, spiritual and environmental well-being. We integrate modern scientific views with traditional healing practices from around the world. Our unique blend of student opportunities, internships and global curriculum empowers students in self-care and inspires them to make a positive contribution to our world.

The Holistic Health (HH) Studies academic program is part of the Department of Recreation, Parks & Tourism (RPT), which offers exciting careers in wellness, nature and leisure, and adventure travel. The department is located within the College of Health & Social Sciences. Learn more about these academic programs.

Students Who Minor in HH Are More Likely to Graduate

students with a holistic health minor are more likely to graduate 65% to 53%

These findings are based on analyses comparing six-year graduation rates between 490 Holistic Health (HH) minors and 490 non-HH minors over a 10-year period from 2007-2017. SF State students were matched on 10 characteristics to control for gender, age, semester enrolled, major, year in school, first-generation status, socioeconomic background, transfer status, underrepresented minority status and SAT/ACT scores. Examining students from all backgrounds (n=980), first-generation students (n=240), and low-income students (n=418), we found that students who completed a HH minor graduated from the University at statistically significantly higher rates compared to students who did not complete the HH minor (ps = <.001, .049, and, .042, respectively). Data collected by SF State Institutional Research.

Voices of HH Studies

Ninety-one percent of students surveyed say that Holistic Health classes help them cope with stress, and 93 percent say they gain clarity about career choices and life purpose.

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Holistic Health Learning Center

Learn self-care resources that focus on personal, social and environmental aspects of health.

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Research Areas

Research areas include meditation, biofeedback, psycho-physiology of healing, Tiebetan healing arts, and media and health.

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HH Student Insights

Our students have diverse backgrounds which adds to the rich conversations in each of our Holistic Health classes.

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